Sandbagging Machine

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Skid-Steer Operated Sandbagging Machine

A unique precision skid-steer operated (universal mount) sandbagging machine. Produces Sandbags with a 2 or 3 man crew. Easily produces sandbags at a rate of about 400bags/hour with a 3 man crew. The ProBagger 12® fills 12 standard poly or burlap bags, with sand or gravel, per cycle. Sandbags can be both filled and released on sandbag levee build site for maximum efficiency or work in concert with multiple units at a central sandbag filling site.
The ProBagger 12® is designed to not overfill bags, so as to make more watertight levees, or switch modes if 100% full bags are required. The best sandbag levees are made by half-filled sandbags so as to interlock and prevent seepage (per the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recommendations).
Consider a typical sandbagging operation. Typically there are skid-steer loaders on site with scores of volunteers sandbagging. Why not put the skid-steer loaders to work and the volunteers can, rather than make sandbags, help families place sandbags!
Also, rather than double trucking, have sand delivered on site and fill the sandbags on site. When sandbags are made on site there is no need to tie them. Simply stack one sandbag over the open end mouth of the other (per the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recommendations). ProBaggers can quickly fill the sandbagging needs at one site and move to the next.
Furthermore, consider the sandbags per hour/dollar when buying a sandbagging machine. Rather than buying a very expensive sandbagging machine that makes more than a +1,000 sandbags per hour why not use multiple ProBaggers and perhaps at multiple sites. For example, 4 ProBaggers can make 1,600 sandbags per hour for a very reasonable cost of ownership!
This attachment is a must for not only municipalities and others involved in flood control, but also for erosion and sediment management, construction crews and landscapers. Any material that can flow into a bag can be filled faster and with ease using the ProBagger 12®.

No special bags required

Fills standard 14in x 26in poly or burlap sandbags

Fills hundreds of sandbags an hour with little training (other than experience operating skid-steer loaders)

Maximizes flood fighting potential of skid steer loaders

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