The ProBagger 12

A unique precision skid-steer operated (universal mount) sandbagging machine. Produces Sandbags with a 2 or 3 man crew. Easily produces sandbags at a rate of about 400bags/hour with a 3 man crew. The ProBagger 12® fills 12 standard poly or burlap bags, with sand or gravel, per cycle. Sandbags can be both filled and released on sandbag levee build site for maximum efficiency or work in concert with multiple units at a central sandbag filling site.

The Instee Levee Builder

The Instee Levee Builder™ is an exceptionally fast skid-steer operated (universal mount) levee building machine. The Instee Levee Builder™ can produce an 18in high Fast-Built Levee™ at the rate of 400ft per hour. This kind of Fast-Built Levee™ is stackable and can create levee barriers of substantial height. It was designed to use sand or clean fill dirt, which is cheaper than sand, to protect property, stop beach erosion, and contain spills.

Quick Levee Builder

A super heavy duty levee building machine. The Quick Levee Builder™ creates a super heavy duty Fast-Built Levee™ that is easy cleanup and may be stacked on. The Quick Levee Builder™ can produce a levee, utilizing sand or dirt, that is 42in high and 200ft long in less than 90 minutes (an equivalent to +10,000 sandbags!). Ideal for flood control, beach erosion management, heavy surf suppression, or oil/sewage/mud containment.

Earth Home Builder

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The Earth Home Builder is an extraordinary skid-steer operated (universal mount) Earth Home building machine. This unit is the same as the Instee Levee Builder™ except it has been outfitted with specialized earth home building technology. (to learn more about the Instee Levee Builder® . The Earth Home Builder™ fills earthbag tubes of many sizes at a rate as fast as 400ft per hour. 

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Earth Home Builder