Flood Control Equipment:  Instee Levee Builder

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Flood Control Equipment:  Instee Levee Builder®

An exceptionally fast skid-steer operated (universal mount) levee building machine. The Instee Levee Builder® can produce an 18in high Fast-Built Levee® at the rate of 400ft per hour. This kind of Fast-Built Levee® is stackable and can create levee barriers of substantial height. It was designed to use sand or clean fill dirt, which is cheaper than sand, to protect property, stop beach erosion, and contain spills.
Creates an easy cleanup, stackable, Fast-Built Levee®
Fast-Built Levees® replace the need for sandbags in all flood applications (except those in very tight spaces where sandbags may still be required)

How it Works:

The Instee Levee Builder® is a skid-steer loader attachment that creates Fast-Built Levees®. The Instee Levee Builder® has a powerful hydraulic motor that, like many skid-loader attachments, runs off of the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid-steer loader. This hydraulic motor turns an auger. Furthermore, this hydraulic motor is reversible and can be reversed in the event something jams and stalls the auger so as to easily unclog and resume levee building. This auger is an easy-change auger in the event there is a need for replacement and is hard-surfaced for extreme wear resistance. It is this auger that conveys the sand or dirt out of the Instee Levee Builder’s hopper through a sock-holder chute, on which the plastic poly Fast-Built Levee® tube is loaded. The auger is responsible for high efficiency filling of the Fast-Built Levee tubes to create Fast-Built Levees®. The Instee Levee Builder® is quickly and easily loaded by hand with a specialized plastic poly tube either from roll or folded cartridge onto its sock-holder. After loading the specialized plastic poly tube an iris cone tensioner is installed to control the tension and rate at which the specialized plastic poly tube is filled so as to become Fast-Built Levee®. Loading the poly, installing the iris tensioner cone, and producing Fast-Built Levee® is fast and easy and requires little training beyond experience operating skid-steer loaders.

Operating the Instee Levee Builder

Operating the Instee Levee Builder® requires a skid-steer loader and operator and a second skid-steer and operator to tender sand into the hopper for uninterrupted levee production. Thus a two man crew (Each operating a loader. One loader with the Instee Levee Builder attached and one loader with a bucket attached so as to dump into its hopper) can operate the Instee Levee Builder at high speed and efficiency or perhaps even greater efficiency with a third person to serve as a laborer loading plastic poly tube. In this manner an 18in high Fast-Built Levee® can be produced at rates greater than 400ft/hr. This is a sandbag equivalency rate of greater than 4,800 sandbags per hour and greater than 100,000 sandbags per day! Furthermore, This Fast-Built Levee® costs only a few dollars/ft! Compare this with the cost of sandbags!
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