Fast-Built Levee versus Floodwaters
Fast-Built Levee versus Floodwaters

Fast-Built Levee Versus Floodwaters

This is Super heavy-duty 42in high Fast-Built Levee  at the Nor-Am Cold Storage Facility. As you can see it holds water back quite admirably even as it approaches 42in height.

Consider the Advantages:

  • Fast-Built Levees® start at just a few dollars per linear foot! COMPARE PRICE WITH SANDBAGS (CLICK HERE)
  • Fast-Built Levees® save money over the price of standard sandbags!
  • Fast-Built Levees® install extremely fast and well!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are water-tight and do not leak like a standard sandbag barrier! No seepage!
  • Fast-Built Levees® can be made with sand or clean-fill dirt!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are an easy cleanup!
  • Fast-Built Levees® plastic poly is recyclable!
  • Fast-Built Levees® sand or dirt may be reused!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are created by the Instee Levee Builder® and Quick Levee Builder® – tools priced right for you and your business!
  • Fast-Built Levees® create a powerfully strong barrier giving flood control with peace of mind!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are built and installed on the spot where you need them simultaneously!
  • Fast-Built Levees® can be built with two or three workers with little training! (beyond experience operating skid-steer loaders and tractors)
  • Fast-Built Levees® are powerful enough to protect cities, homes, and businesses in every flood event!
  • Fast-Built Levees® quickly replace the need for many hundreds of thousands of sandbags!

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