Flood Risk Management Strategy

Surrey Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Progressive Innovations, Instee Levee Builder, Flood Risk Management Strategy

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 Shared publicly  –  Jan 9, 2014

The county council is undertaking a consultation to inform the drafting of the Surrey Local Flood Risk Management Strategy



Following the significant floods in 2007, the Government gave local authorities new powers to help manage local flood risk in a more coordinated way. The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires county councils to lead the coordination of flood risk management for surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses in their area.

Main river flooding remains the responsibility of the Environment Agency, but we understand that people don’t distinguish between types of flooding when it happens, and that is why all the relevant agencies are collaborating on one local strategy.

The local flood risk management strategy will give a clear vision for how flood risk will be dealt with in Surrey. The strategy will include the following:  Information on local flood risk in Surrey, highlighting where problems have already occurred and current levels of flood risk Clarification of which organisation is responsible for what in relation to the prevention and management of flooding Information on the measures that will be undertaken to reduce flood risk Clarification of how work is prioritized Measures that communities can undertake to improve flood resilience, as it is not possible to stop all flooding.


We need to reflect the views and concerns of residents and businesses in the drafting of the strategy. The survey highlighted below has been designed to help gather views. It has been distributed to residents, associations, town and parish councils, borough and district ‘flooding’ portfolio holders, and county council members.

Progressive Innovations, Instee Levee Builder, Flood Risk Management Strategy

Forming a Flood Risk Management Strategy

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