Fast-Built Levees – The Flood Control Solution We Have All Been Waiting For!

By the way we named our flood barrier technology: “Fast-Built Levees”. Fast-Built Levee (FBL) is replacing sandbags in many flood applications. Both the Instee Levee Builder and Quick Levee Builder produce FBL. Fast-Built Levees are like 100,000-140,000 sandbags filled and placed in one day by one machine with zero seepage and minimal manpower (2 or 3 people). Fast-Built Levees can often be built for one-third the cost of an equivalent standard sandbag barrier for the price of empty sandbags alone!

Below is an Article That is Indicative of the Frustration Shared by Those  Who Live in Areas that have a “Sandbag Season”

This article describes the Instee Levee Builder and Quick Levee Builder. Only the article is wrong in its conclusion. Notice these words:

“There are some machines that will make one very long tube of sand in a bag that will help a lot.  But that is mostly useful for large jobs like toping off a levee, and they are expensive. ”

Fast-Built Levees can in fact “help a lot” and the return on investment of the levee building machines are impressive as they replace between 100,000 and 140,000 sandbags per day per unit. These units are priced right for landowners, businesses, and municipalities. See our up-front pricing and easy financing at www.progressiveinnovations.com

Fast-Built Levees

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Shared publicly  –  Jan 7, 2014
SandBag Season
As an engineer I always looked at sandbagging and wondered, there must be a better way.
It is flooding season on the Red river in Fargo, ND. and time for the sandbaggers to come and help.  It is a tremendous amount of work to fill and place sandbags properly. There are mechanical methods of filling sandbags, Grand Forks has a spider type of sandbag filler they loaned to Fargo.  There are many different methods for filling sandbags, here is an overview of a few.  http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/articles/machines.htmThe big problem is that once you have the bags full, not too full or you can’t lift them, you have to manually place them correctly to block out the water.  Seehttp://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2013/04/26/regional/sandbag-photos-fargo   for some pictures of just how hard the work can be.There are some machines that will make one very long tube of sand in a bag that will help a lot.  But that is mostly useful for large jobs like toping off a levee, and they are expensive.  Some of the tube machines are in the above article at earthbagbuilding.com.So to you engineers and inventors out there, are there any sandbag placement machines that a city or county could buy that could help with this process?  The method used now seems to be; auto fill the bags, stack them on pallets, truck them to where they are needed, and then move and stack by hand.  Fargo wants to have about 100,000 bags ready.
Remember, after flooding the bags need to all be removed, and they will be wet and heavy, that process seems more readily mechanized as placement is not so crucial.Yes I know they could build where it does not flood.http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/6395/
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Consider the Advantages:

  • Fast-Built Levees® start at just a few dollars per linear foot! COMPARE PRICE WITH SANDBAGS (CLICK HERE)
  • Fast-Built Levees® save money over the price of standard sandbags!
  • Fast-Built Levees® install extremely fast and well!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are water-tight and do not leak like a standard sandbag barrier! No seepage!
  • Fast-Built Levees® can be made with sand or clean-fill dirt!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are an easy cleanup!
  • Fast-Built Levees® plastic poly is recyclable!
  • Fast-Built Levees® sand or dirt may be reused!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are created by the Instee Levee Builder® and Quick Levee Builder® – tools priced right for you and your business!
  • Fast-Built Levees® create a powerfully strong barrier giving flood control with peace of mind!
  • Fast-Built Levees® are built and installed on the spot where you need them simultaneously!
  • Fast-Built Levees® can be built with two or three workers with little training! (beyond experience operating skid-steer loaders and tractors)
  • Fast-Built Levees® are powerful enough to protect cities, homes, and businesses in every flood event!
  • Fast-Built Levees® quickly replace the need for many hundreds of thousands of sandbags!

Learn more at www.progressiveinnovations.com